GBPJPY Weekly FOREX Forecast 10-Oct-2016

GBPJPY Weekly FOREX Forecast 10-Oct-2016

GBPJPY Weekly FOREX Forecast 10-Oct-2016

GBPJPY Weekly Forecast

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Weekly Outlook of GBPJPY

Concern for the future of the British economy recurred by having shown the thought that British Prime Minister May began negotiations for the EU secession by the end of March of the next year, and it was the movement that was gentleness early next week last week. Against a backdrop of the rises in crude oil price, I returned a value while the wait-and-see mood increased with the U.S. employment statistics near at hand, and pound / Japanese yen rose from 130.10 of the low price that I touched early next week to 132.24 afterwards. But it became rapid pound selling while concern for hardware smoked on the weekend, and it was a wide cloth fall to a 122 yen stand, and pound / Japanese yen touched a low price in since August, 2012, but the fall became temporary and returned a value to a 129 yen stand afterwards.Heavy movement of the higher level of price is expected this week. The cause of the pound sudden drop of the end of last week is opaque, and various factors are pointed out, but, for a basic factor, it is concern for hardware which completely leaves the EU Single Market and can read the posture for the U.K. from the remark of the very important person of the euro area major country, too. Expectations mix while I explore hardware or software for the time being, and the possibility that movement on the watch for the possibility of the lower touch continues is thought about.
Source: SBI Securities

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