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Recommended VPS

Compare Windows VPS

To start automated trading, it is necessary to keep MT4 as active for 24 hours during weekday.
You can overcome this issue if you use a VPS!
VPS is a private virtual hosting server configured on a physical machine, which enables people to obtain their own server to save website content. Through using VPS, you can keep MT4 as activating for 24 hours during weekday!
In order to perform the automatic trading by moving the MT4, it is necessary to choose Windows VPS.


The following list shows cheap and reliable servers for trading.


Cheap Windos VPS [Recommend] BudgetVM


99.99 99.9 100

Server Location

New York North Carolina Chicago etc.


40 100 15


1,000 1000 1000


Intel Xeon CPU Core @2.0 GHZ Intel Xeon E3-1240 Intel Xeon CPUs

Initial Cost($)

0 0 0

Monthly Cost($)

10 10 15

Yearly Cost($)

120 100 180

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